Yang Taoming (Ningbo Attraction Culture Communication Co., Ltd.). Asia's first master of inspiration

Anton Tscherne | 12 Oct 16:13
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Yang Taoming Company President

Ningbo Attraction Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Anton Tscherne: Could you please tell me your name?

Interviewee: Yang Taoming

Anton Tscherne: What is the name of the company that you work for?

Interviewee: Ningbo Attraction Culture Communication Co., Ltd



Anton Tscherne: What position do you hold in the company?

Interviewee: President of Ningbo Attraction Culture Communication Co., Ltd

Anton Tscherne: How many employees do you have in the company?

Interviewee: 129

Anton Tscherne: Which city is the company located in? What is the company address?

Interviewee: Ningbo, Zhejiang province

Anton Tscherne: When was the company founded? Is there any history worth talking about?

Interviewee: Yang taoming was born in a very poor rural family in Kaifeng county. I used to be a person who had no confidence and could not speak clearly. Later, I decided to change, show my confidence and communicate with many world masters.



Yang taoming's speech photo (96) has traveled around the world, visiting dozens of world class masters, gathering many online special lecturers, and the only person who has been trained and visited twice in the President of Anthony robin private island of Fiji. Bring back excellent tips and growth wisdom from home and the world, not only start from scratch, create the myth in their own industry, but also help countless individuals, companies, teams, improve performance and increase income, known as the terminator of overcoming psychological fear and adjusting depression. The topics covered include leadership, team training, NLP neurolinguistics, NAC neurosurgery, and other applied psychology; stimulating potential, marketing, sales promotion, persuasion, sexual relations, lecturer training, interpersonal relations, and other fields, which are the best information to help individuals and teams win.

Yang Taoming, famous speaker in the world, the world Chinese potential development authority, best-selling "communication wisdom", "to persuade wisdom", "with the fate of some" as well as the audio CD "super power", "the master of communication", Yang Taoming teacher investment over 12 million brain, run more than 90 countries and 100 the world's circle of friends, little avail students more than 70 million people.

Anton Tscherne: tell me why you are doing what you are doing. Is there a story?

Interviewee: My purpose and mission: To help the most people succeed in the shortest time possible!

Yang Taoming, Asia's first master of potential inspiration, chairman of China Attraction Culture Communication Co., Ltd., well-known speaker and writer. He is the author of breakthrough, promise to fate, wisdom of communication, wisdom of persuasion, speech, wisdom of service and other books, as well as audio CD, wisdom of the leader, wisdom of the altar, talent of creation, promise to success, super persuasion and promise. Never knew how to sell, to break the industry's Asian sales record. From no confidence, inarticulate to thousands of Tours around the country, inspiring the potential of tens of thousands of people to inspire masters. From a broken bike riding through the rain to the Rolls-Royce of today. From unknown to the author of many hot sales books from the start no one looked at, to today's youngest state council sasac China professional managers lecture hall executive secretary.

At the age of 23, he broke the world record of 76 countries in the 38 years since the establishment of the Singapore company.

24 years old, achieve the highest level of the company - - five-star President;




Yang Taoming life photo (30)25 years old, become a national practical lecturer, and successfully joined Chen Anzhi International Training Institutions;

26 years old, help more than 600 companies to double their performance, motivate the team to enhance combat effectiveness, affect tens of thousands of people towards success! The brand course "the ultimate breakthrough" and "the wisdom of the mind" set off the Chinese land, the domestic like a storm to go hot. Yang toping teacher is also worthy of Asia's first potential inspiration master.

27 years old, chairman of attraction culture communication co., LTD. One of the youngest and most respected lecturers in marketing. Praised by the industry as "China's Anthony robin"

At 28 years old, Mr. Yang taoming has been invited by teacher Chen Anzhi of the world Chinese for many times to make speeches on the same stage. Breaking many industry records, he is also the youngest person in the world to own a self-made rolls Royce and is the industry's youngest teacher in the field of philanthropy. Beijing 1000 people, ordos 1350 people, lanzhou 1380 people, Shanghai 1400 people, hangzhou 1450 people, ningbo 1480 people, baoding 2500 people, jinan 3000 people, chongqing 3,500 people, changsha 5000 people, changzhou 6,500 people and so on dozens of games. And make a splash, helping countless individuals, families, businesses, and even change their lives.

At the age of 29, he became the only teacher in education training industry recognized by sasac of the state council and appointed for long-term cooperation. He was appointed executive secretary of the China professional manager lecture hall by sasac and executive director of the sasac innovative talent incubation base.

In 2013, Asia initiated "positive energy", and devoted all efforts to disseminate positive energy in response to general secretary Xi Jinping's call for "overcoming difficulties, being bold in innovation and accumulating positive energy".


Anton Tscherne: Would you please tell us your company's development status and direction or goal?

Interviewee: Yang Taoming main course directory:

1. Yang Taoming - "the ultimate breakthrough"

2. Yang Taoming - "wisdom of the leader"

3. Yang Taoming - “a date with destiny”

4. Yang Taoming – “a date with the master”

5. Yang Taoming - "fire walk"

6. Yang Taoming – “persuasion in communication”

7.Yang Taoming – “the leadership oration class”

8.Yang Taoming – “super leader class”

9. Yang Taoming – “the wisdom of the heart”

10. Yang Taoming – “power”

11. Yang Taoming – “positive energy”

12. Yang Taoming – “China's professional managers lecture hall course”


From April 30, 2013 to May 2, 2013, teachers Yang Taoming, Chen Anzhi and Zhang Jingui studied the course successfully in Zhengzhou, Henan province

May 22-24, 2013: Mr. Yang toping first held the course of "fire walk" in Ningbo, Zhejiang province

From May 25 to May 27, 2013, Mr. Yang toping held the course of "super lecturer class" in Ningbo, Zhejiang

From June 23 to 25, 2013, teacher Yang Taoming will hold the third phase of positive energy study BBS in Beijing

From June 30 to July 2, 2013, teacher Yang Taoming will hold the course of "fire walk" for the first time in Guangzhou

July 22-24, 2013 Yang Taoming Zhejiang Ningbo "super persuasion" to double your earnings



Anton Tscherne: What is your company's main product or service? What competitive advantage does it have in the market?

1. How to jump higher, firstly squatting softly down, and then jump very high.

2. Customer satisfaction doesn't mean they will always buy your product, but loyalty is ok. But loyalty is not enough in business. Make your customers and employees your fans

3. Some people, life is full of digging Wells, but end up without water to drink. But successful people don't need to change places. They just keep digging and eventually the water comes out.

4. An enterprise should produce talents before producing all products, and have excellent prospects before producing talents. People can't live for hundreds of years, but businesses can.

5. A man should have his own mission. To find your inner motivation is to find your mission.

6. Diploma represents the past, but the ability to learn represents your future. What you lack is not money, but the ability to make money. The root cause of having no money in your pocket is having no money in your head.

7. The biggest difference between the rich and the poor is that rich people borrow money to replenish their brains when they don't have it.


8. To make things better is to confront and resolve them.

9. All lack of understanding is temporary, understanding is eternal.

10. A customer can refuse your product, but he cannot refuse your love, your service or your care.

11. Peak performance can lead to peak performance in a way that results in peak performance.

12.The secret of success is to learn to communicate. If you want to make your customers more eager to own your products, you need to learn to communicate skillfully, and you need to be super persuasive. A big boss can buy your product or someone else's, so what can you do to get someone else to buy your product? It is to use your enthusiasm and service to move customers.

13. If you want to persuade someone, you should ask them questions and let them know what you want to say. Persuasion is the process of getting the other person to keep saying yes, leaving him no way to say no. No matter how he answers, you must be in control, learned persuasive, everything is very funny, persuasive equals wealth, all good leaders have super persuasive.

14. Work for winners. Work with winners. Let winners work for you.


Brand curriculum - fire sessions

"Misfire conference" is a synonym for potential training. To be specific: barefoot, walk through a 600 degree Celsius charcoal fire, not only will not harm the feet, but can fully arouse the potential of human beings, overcome the fear and challenge the "impossible" of life.

"Misfire conference" is based on behavioral psychology, self-help management,

A potential training course based on the achievements of many disciplines such as neurolinguistics and subconscious theory. The core of the course is to involve the participants in the activities, so that they can see, hear and feel how they break through themselves.

Originating in the United States, the event was founded by Anthony Robbins, the world's number one inspiration for potential, and later promoted worldwide through his disciples. In China, the first person who has gone through the fire event is Chen Anzhi, an authority of Chinese studies, and Chen anzhi's advocacy in China. Only then can people take the initiative to study abroad and study the fire event, and finally bring it into the domestic market. Yang Taoming brand course "arouse the potential to go out of fire" triggered the land of China, the country like a storm of hot. Yang Taoming teacher is also worthy of the Asian fire potential to inspire the first person!


Anthony Robbins + Yang Taoming

The main effect

1. Set goals and achieve what you want.
2. A firestorm will let you develop your incredible potential and possess unstoppable confidence.
3. A firestorm can improve your relationships.
4. Anger meeting will change your life's fate.
5. Let go of fire so that you have a heart full of love and gratitude
6. A firestorm will give you a good reason for success.
7. The fire control conference is the most direct and effective method to cultivate team spirit and strengthen cohesion
8. A firestorm can cultivate your positive and optimistic attitude towards success.
9. Let go of fire and let you tap your incredible potential.
10. The way to attend the class is different, so that all your past difficulties can be easily solved.
11. the fire show you how to motivate yourself and win through failure.
12. let you find the real psychological trigger, help you adjust mental and emotional mode
13. The event allows you to dissect yourself, recognize yourself, understand human nature, step out of trauma, expand your horizons, understand the world, and learn top survival skills.
14. Give you a strong message of success.
15. A firestorm meeting will allow you to network and meet 50 people who are really looking for success.
16. The event will help you strengthen your action power/improve your quality/enhance your personality and change old ideas
17. Firestorms can change the fate of many people. They can change the relationship between husband and wife.
18. Anger conference allows you to confirm your life goals and direction.
19. The temperance conference will let you return to your innocence and empty cup mentality when you were 3 years old.
20. Fire-walking sessions are the best way to learn that the constant outburst of factors is completely eliminated from the subconscious.
21. Explore the composition of the brain, explore the reasons for subconscious formation and personality formation, find out the success or failure point of failure, and bring back the bad subconscious and influence energy to the things you have lost or forgotten in your life journey.
22. The tempering meeting allows you and your team members to grow together and reach consensus and strong and powerful centripetal force.
23. Firestorms let you know how to create an environment, use the environment, and truly achieve success.
24. If you're an entrepreneur, the firestorm conference teaches you how to motivate your employees.
25. If you are a leader, let the fire show you how to motivate your cadres.
26. If you are an ordinary worker, a fire alarm will show you how to motivate yourself and infect the people around you!
27. Overcome psychological barriers through fire-walking courses, enhance self-confidence and enhance motivation;
28. Find your strengths and weaknesses through fire courses;
29. Through fire courses, you can live in a grateful world;
30. Let you know that consistency is the beginning of success.
31. Through the fire course, you can change your permanently bad habits and wrong values, so that you can find the right life mission and values and have a balanced and successful life!

Anton Tscherne: If anyone wants to know more about the company, how can they contact: you

IntervieweeThe contact person is: Mrs Yu Qiao Xin.

Phone: 13705732507


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