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Anton Tscherne | 25 May 11:35
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Yang Xuping President

Shanghai Miao De Biotech Co., Ltd


Anton Tscherne: Can you please tell us your name?

Interviewee: Yang Xuping

Anton Tscherne: What is the name of the company you work for?

Interviewee: Shanghai Miao De Biotech Co., Ltd.

Anton Tscherne: What position do you hold in the company?

Interviewee: President



Yang Xuping Top - 500 President

Anton Tscherne: How many employees do you have in the company?

Interviewee: 139

Anton Tscherne: Which city is the company located in? What is the address of the company?

Interviewee: Shanghai

Anton Tscherne: What year was the company set up? Is there anything worth saying about the development process?

Interviewee: 1993


Anton Tscherne: Talk about why you're in the business now, what's the story?

Interviewee: Mr. Yang Xuping, since graduating from Tongji University in 1982, has been engaged in scientific research, design work and business management for a long time, and has served as research institute and head of large enterprise group.

Yang Xuping President Department of Cloud on the green Tripod brand helm, famous entrepreneurs, as the president of the cloud, Shanghai Yutong Industry and Trade president, Shanghai Miao de Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Chairman, the base is holding group president, Hainan Star Wah Group CEO, the new group vice president, the No. 708 Institute of the Ninth Research Institute, head of the senior positions.

In October 2001, Yang Xuping president, as one of the 550 official representatives of the world, attended the APEC Business Leaders ' Summit (APEC) and attended the meeting of 21 national presidents of the world, when President Jiang Zemin attended the summit and delivered a speech at the conference.

Between 2006 and 2007, Yang Xuping president, as the official representative of China's real estate industry, attended the Asia Real Estate Summit Forum for two consecutive years.

The world focuses on China and the two sessions, special report March 2017, the two sessions of the special report of all walks of life.



The world focuses on China and the two sessions, special report March 2017, the two sessions of the special report of all walks of life, the community to build the Chinese characteristics of the socialist cause of the typical, including China's leading biotechnology leader: Cloud on the Green Ding President, Shanghai Miao de Biotechnology Chairman Yang Xuping report ranked seventh place!

On the cloud on the Green Ding brand, CCTV, Xinhua news agency, China Network, today's headlines, Phoenix satellite TV, Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Shanghai News Hotline and other hundreds of media on the Yang Xuping president has done an interview and reports, can search in China, Baidu and other search engines to view!

This big pattern, the massive personage leads the outstanding team in this fast change time, lets the cloud on the green tripod soaring! Cloud on the Qing Ding, based on the most pure Chinese medicine in the field of breakthrough research, with the chief scientist Mr. Liu Xianhua led the world-class research and development team, for decades has been committed to Chinese Traditional Chinese medicine research and formulation development, creating a global "basal cell • Liquid plastic" Medical Cosmetology Technology New Era!

Cloud on the green tripod-the world's four major science and technology initiative! The world's four major breakthroughs in science and technology!

Cloud on the Qing Ding, for the Chinese women to bring a new aesthetic experience, truly "a smile hundred Mei, no color nationwide", to help Chinese women write beautiful legends, embrace a happy life!

In the "mobile Internet + quality cloud on the Green Ding" era, Yang Xuping President Goal: Let more people use the cloud on the Green Tripod series of products, experience the cloud on the outstanding efficacy of green tripod, highlighting the cloud on the brand value.


1978-2017, the reform and opening up for 40 years, the Chinese land full of dreams of revival, cohesion and strong endeavor, under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping's four generations of leading groups, the people of all nationalities work together to build a modernized country and march towards the new history of China's Take-off

Trickle into the sea, Mickle. A magnificent picture of national history is always made up of countless dazzling details. 40 years of reform and opening up, in the vast land of China, countless people of all walks of life in order to the great motherland of the century rise, work hard to forge ahead, jointly entrusted with the Chinese dragon vacated century choice. To this end, in such a special historical moment, by the Chinese network multi-channel led the compilation of large-scale political figures, "China style?" The grand publication of the 40-year reform and opening up, cloud on the Green Ding President Yang Xuping Glorious selected Sinorama, and was selected as the cover characters, aroused the attention of the community.

The 14th session of the Chinese good faith Entrepreneur Congress, as a guest attended by the representative, Yun Qing Ding Yang Xuping president in this conference won the "Innovation Thirteen-Five China Business Integrity leaders" honorary title, also recruited as China Management Science Research Institute Academic Professional Committee special researcher. Yun Qing Ding-Shanghai Miao de Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded 2016-2017 China Integrity Management and service demonstration unit honorary title, and won the highest honor of the General Assembly "for the business, Integrity management" special gold plaque, gold plaque by Federation former vice Chairman Wang Zhiguo comrade handwritten inscription! In addition, the cloud on the Green Ding, Shanghai Miao de Biological Technology Co., Ltd. also won the "Thirteen-Five" China Beauty and health industry dual-creation demonstration base honorary title, which is the only Chinese beauty and health industry is listed as a national double High-tech demonstration base of the enterprise.



Anton Tscherne: Please tell us your company's development status and direction or goal

Interviewee: Cloud on the green Tripod's Shanghai Miao de Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a "scientific research, production, sales and service" in one of the High-tech enterprises.

Mainly from "biological science and technology Development, technical advice, technology services" and "Beauty anti-aging, healthy anti-aging, health slimming, prepackaged food" and other business activities.

Cloud on the Green Tripod five series of products, all for independent research and development, production!

Anton Tscherne: With the development of beauty technology, the choice of cosmetics is now more and more favored by the natural, natural, herbal and other concepts, the cloud on the green tripod is how to integrate traditional Chinese medicine into cosmetics?

Interviewee: The Chinese nation has a long history, cultural influence throughout the world, and Chinese medicine as a traditional culture of a pearl, in the tortuous history of the continuous dust, later more by Western medicine impact of a scattered. However, with the continuous development of global science and technology, the Industrial revolution has been brought to different levels. In the field of beauty and skin care, the most outstanding enterprises in modern times focus on marine life, marine plants, herbs, marine life, marine plants, natural, green, no side effects and other characteristics, making the global giants have been impressed. However, in contrast to the understanding of herbs, the history of Oriental people is obviously longer and the blood is more pure.

Anton Tscherne: What kind of cosmetic and cosmetic research and development organization is Shanghai Yutong?

Interviewee: In the past 100 years, cosmetics have entered the brand age, brands such as Chanel, Lancome, Clinique, and Lauder are all familiar, but few know that their first-line recipes are from the same research and development agency, the United States, the Turner Institute, which focuses on "activating basal cells and activating energy fluids." Research in the field, but also with the Swiss institutions have been focused on the field of research, Shanghai Yutong and its research institute cauldron on Clouds and other affiliated research institutions, with strong scientific research strength, with more than 120 authoritative experts, relying on traditional Chinese medicine broad thought, creating a global "liquid minerals Liquid plastic "medical beauty Science and technology New era, the first global" ion coupling technology, for the cloud on the brand from the beginning of the cradle into pure noble blood.

Anton Tscherne: What is the meaning of our product named "Green Tripod on cloud"?

Interviewee: At present, the cloud on the green tripod brand represents the world "cell repair, beauty skin care, high anti-aging" in the field of leading achievements, and contains their own profound implication: the cloud on the two words, because of the cloud on the green Tripod Cell Liquid Plastic series its magical effect should only be in heaven, but also let a person can feel appropriate; All adopt food grade raw materials, do not contain any heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic), no hormones, no preservatives; Ding, refers to the chemical reaction pot, representing the crystallization of modern technology. In the field of "activating the basal cell and activating energy liquid", the cloud on the Green Ding-plastic series is the only one in the world that combines the essence of traditional Chinese medicine with the perfect combination of contemporary technology.

Anton Tscherne: What is your company's main product or service? What competitive advantage does it have in the market?

Interviewee: Cloud on green tripod-four bright spots:

1. ion activation

2. Oligo peptide

3. without any additives

4. with world-class research and development capabilities

Covers the field and main products: cloud on the Green Tripod five series of products covered:

Medical cosmetology, beauty anti-aging, body, health anti-aging,

Health, slimming, weight loss and other fields.

The main products are: Basal cell activation repair fluid, activating essence liquid, deep whitening energy water, ion anti-decay liquid, Phoenix bath, Phoenix Egg, Jade Fox

Fat tea and pure olive oil handmade soap.


Product Features:

In the form of ion activation, the problem is solved at the cellular level, reaching: activating cells, deep fine

Detoxification, repair of DNA, while increasing the density and intensity of collagen in the cells, and promoting

The production of an elastic fiber (parent fiber, reticular fiber) and the acceleration of metabolism so that it has

-High antioxidant, anti-aging!

Thus, the cell health, people are healthy, also young! Cloud on the green Ding Basal cell series Production

Products, for all skin problems, "from the inside out, specimens and treatment", beyond the field of micro-plastic and traditional

Skincare field!


Replacement: Cloud on the Qing Ding series can effectively "replace, remove deep in the skin of heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic) and hormones", so as to achieve whitening, nourishing white effect, so that the skin ' new, become pure, healthy, clear through.

Repair: Ionic activating fluid not only promotes the production of collagen and elastin, but also directly supplements the loss of collagen, which in turn promotes collagen synthesis and epithelial cell reconstruction, repairs DNA and makes cells metabolize new.

Cure • Nourish: Basal cell repair solution can directly remove free radicals, to eliminate the role of cooked skin, continue to supply the cells enough nutrients and energy, maintain and mobilize the normal metabolic function of cells, extend the cell senescence cycle, and then repair and adjust the skin cell arrangement and resurrection, so that the skin immediately feel tight tender, skin tight and not tight, Tight and flexible, reduce skin defects, the skin layer to revive. Break through the new field of sleep beauty!


Cloud on the green tripod beauty, body products, access to AQSIQ key Laboratory (National quality CMA certification) of the strict testing, is the world's only one by one "do not contain any heavy metals, no hormones, no additives, no irritation" of the World medical cosmetology!


Nine characteristics: Sunscreen isolation, water lock water, wrinkle anti-aging, spot acne, control oil brightening, whitening nourishing white, increase elasticity, repair metamorphosis, cure nourish

The world's four major breakthroughs in science and technology: Ionic State, cell regeneration, long-term repair, timely effect

The world's four major science and technology initiative: 1, the first ion Activator 2, to create a new era of liquid Minerals 3, break the conventional makeup of the principle of molecular cover 4, Traditional Chinese medicine essence and the current quantum High-tech technology perfect combination


Name: Jade Fox/Fat Tea

Efficacy: The first is "health, dispel dampness, blood circulation, Huayu", followed by the way "slimming, weight Loss"

Principle: Traditional Chinese medicine to talk about the balance of yin and yang, the human body has five, five as long as there is an organ stasis, blockage, will form the blood gas passage is not smooth, the human body will be insufficient oxygen, qi and blood loss, fat accumulation, resulting in decreased immunity. And the culprit that causes stasis is "phlegm wet", so dispel the human body phlegm is wet, make five yin and yang balance, the body microcirculation accelerates, not only can improve oneself immunity function, at the same time can really achieve: first "health", after "slimming, lose weight" effect.

Using "cell broken" process, the absorption rate reached: 98%

Overweight: normal people one months health, slimming, weight loss $number about.

Simple sex especially obese person, doubles to drink, three months its weight loss weighs 30 catties or so.

For people over 50 years of age, and sub-health, infirm, many times lose weight losers, its "health, slimming, weight loss" longer time.

For those who are too thin: health and conditioning, can achieve the role of fertilizer, and increase to normal conditions



1, smooth neck pattern, lymphatic detoxification.

2, the United States chest abundant · More can cure lobular hyperplasia, prevent breast cancer.


3, Shrink Yin Detoxification: 7 days to call a new (detoxification), 30 days to restore the girl-like compact, but also in 30 days or so will be abnormal menstrual adjustment to normal, and gynecological inflammation, Ganghan, etc. have a very good adjuvant effect.



Selected imports of pure olive oil by hand refined, a weak acid mild type, without any impurities, no allergic reactions, infants can be used.

Efficacy: Control oil acne, clean pores, moisturizing and bacteriostatic, sunscreen isolation, to achieve skin, nourishing, makeup, anti-wrinkle, skin protection and so on

Bath use: Shuhuo bones and muscles, the purpose of eliminating fatigue, so that the skin moisture is flexible, can promote blood circulation, relax the body muscles, so that the skin smooth and delicate!


Eye drops

See the world! Value life

Yitong (special for ophthalmic hospital) can be properly used (multiple channels)

Eye care cold compress

After years of research by our scientific research team and more than five years of clinical trials, the effect of Yunshang Qingding ionic eye drops is remarkable!

Yunshang Qingding won:

2017 China Science and technology innovation best invention award

2018 China pharmaceutical health industry demonstration unit

Ketocol ionic eye drops:

1. Highlight: it adopts the world's first "ion intensification technology", "polymerase chain reaction technology" and "non thermal biotechnology" developed by Yunshang Qingding company. It is a "no heavy metal, no additive, no hormone" eye drops.

2. The intended use of Ketocol eye drops: it can be used to cause dry, watery, itchy and other uncomfortable symptoms in the eyes; it can remove eye secretions, dredge lacrimal ducts, relieve intraocular pressure, prevent blue light, enhance the light sense of the eyes, and reduce eye fatigue; it can also remove the surface hyperplasia and fleshy quality of the eyes, so that the eyes can be clearer.

3. Suitable for all kinds of eye diseases. Including 72 kinds of eye diseases: glaucoma, keratitis, red eye disease, carrion, cataract, weak light sense, floater mosquito disease, windward tears, dry eye disease, eye ache, amblyopia, strabismus, reducing eye pressure, etc.

4. the main ingredients: pure Chinese herbal medicine, herbal extract essence, safe without side effects!!! Because it does not contain any hormones and preservatives, it is often used, which is good for eye health and bright, while other brands of eye drops at home and abroad mainly play the role of anti-inflammatory, sterilization and eye soothing! And, basically chemical composition, because, the vast majority contain antiseptic, so, often use, damage eye clear.

5. Ketocol eye cold compress (ionic eye drops): the only eye drops suitable for various eye diseases in the world




Phoenix Egg

Today, I recommend the green tripod phoenix egg on the cloud

Yunshang Qingding won: 2017 China Science and technology innovation best invention achievement award

2018 China Pharmaceutical big health industry demonstration unit

the green tripod phoenix egg on the cloud should be thick and strong. Use the phoenix egg male reproductive system health explosive

function of phoenix egg: dispel the dampness and toxin of genital system, expel blood stasis, promote sperm vitality and rejuvenate the original vitality of life! For men, it is equal to the recovery of youth, especially for prostate disease, venereal disease, sexual dysfunction and atrophy of sexual function. After using for a period of time, it can achieve the magical effect of promoting the secondary development of testis thicker, longer and harder!


Anton Tscherne: Does the company have an official website? Please tell us the Web site address or where we can find more company information on the Internet.

Interviewee: http://www.dzjkw.net/jk/20793.html

Anton Tscherne: If someone wants to know more about you and your company, how can they contact you?

Interviewee: You can contact Mrs. Yu Qiaoxin: Tel: 13705732507.


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