Pei Xiumin (Jiaxing Hua Bridge International Education Group). Excellent Pre-School Education

Anton | 26 Dec 15:53
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Pei Xiumin Chairman

Jiaxing Hua Bridge International Education Group


Anton: Could you please tell us your name?

Interviewee: Pei Xiumin

Anton: What is the name of the company you work for?

Interviewee: Jiaxing Hua Bridge International Education Group


Anton: What position do you hold in the company?

Interviewee: Chairman

Anton: About how many employees work in the company?

Interviewee: 226


Anton: In which city is the company located in? What is the address of the company?

Interviewee: Shuangxi Road, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, 1363 th.


Anton: What year was the company founded? Can you please speak about its history?

Interviewee: 2005

Jiaxing Hua Bridge International Education Group is a Federation of returned overseas Chinese in jiaxing in jiaxing's a pre-school-oriented brand of private educational institutions. The whole group has a human resources department, curriculum development, teaching and Research Department, logistics and purchasing department, project development department, Marketing Department of planning.

Currently group under of preschool institutions has: jiaxing bud kindergarten, and overseas kindergarten, and new East kindergarten, and deqing Jin Beilei kindergarten, and West point kindergarten, and horse home bang kindergarten, and South Lake overseas international kindergarten, and Anhui bud bilingual kindergarten, and Shanghai flowers flower flower network English training center, and Shanghai love Milton, kindergarten Center; under of education auxiliary institutions has: jiaxing Jin Beilei potential expand school, and Jin Beilei psychological work room, and purple bud art image making Center; derivative institutions has: Anhui Lang Xiuxi Ming tea limited.


Group these institutions are relatively independent, distinctive, and work together to support each other, forming a strong group advantage. In do Park strategy Shang take resources shared, complement each other, brand chain, steadily development way, effective achieved has "Park by management target of, teachers training integration, brand build linkage of, plans implementation efficient of" of group run mode, with brand strategy by brings of social benefits for group to other field expand lay has solid of based, currently has began to business conference, and tourism, and labor, and training, new field expansion and extends.

--The Group has advanced the idea of running. Group of all advantage, based on the local community, integration of international, to advance science education under the guidance of, Italy, and Japan, and Spain, and Denmark, kindergarten education is established information exchange platform for collaboration and sharing of educational resources. Through the learning exchange teachers broadened their horizons, broaden the thinking, learn from foreign advanced idea of early childhood education, for our use. Group friendly relations with many brands inside and outside the province of kindergarten, learning exchanges with each other, and seek common development.

--The Group has outstanding high-level think tank. The Group senior management team consists of high quality, business skills, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative expert members. Has the country's best private kindergartens kindergarten, provincial director top ten well-known private kindergartens, Member of the municipal Committee of the CPPCC, district deputies, State-level counselors.


--The Group has a highly qualified faculty. Teachers have a good idea of the Group's quality, superb professional skills, a strong sense of cooperation and a strong sense of responsibility. Private kindergarten teachers nationwide, jiaotan rookies at the provincial level, provincial-level scientific research model, the provincial outstanding teachers, municipal leaders,, sanbahongqishou,, jiaotan rookies, teaching experts, teachers, academic leaders, teaching experts and so on.

--Group won many other honors. Under the kindergarten had been named national outstanding private kindergartens, educational excellence consultant unit in Western China, education experiment base in China, Zhejiang Province, Tao xingzhi experimental school, private brand, jiaxing city kindergarten, female model gang, the provincial youth civilization, examined the winning units and many other honorary titles. Our children are in various competitions at all levels received over more than 650 honors.

But, the benefit of their homeland. Ten years, teaching people to forge ahead in China, be practical, and achieve a leap-forward development after another. Overseas Chinese in South Lake International kindergarten based shows that Chinese people are standing at a new historical starting point, work together to sail ahead. Overseas Chinese group will, as always, to the community Thanksgiving as a subject, to implement child-oriented, to develop a global vision of a true Aristocrat, promoting social harmony for the pursuit, toward the realm of higher education.


Anton: talk about why you now, what story?

Interviewee: like children and love for education. May all the love in my life to grow up

Walk to kindergarten every heart was deeply moved; look at each corner of the nursery, expressions are often sweetly affecting. Now, I will indulge themselves, despite heated emotions carry clumsy impulse ran back to the child when ... ...

Talk about early childhood education, I will be in high spirits, explode. Here I would like to tell you: because in my inner world, all blooming with love feeding shining like March of faith: I believe! Potential of the universe is contained in every child's life. As long as the environment full of true love, true love of family, society, kindergarten science under the action of force, every child in the Park today are likely to be, no! Are likely to go beyond BA Jin, Hans Christian Andersen, Leonardo da Vinci or Isaac Newton ...


Did you see that? Gardeners that sweet smiling face there was true love that filled in the warm embrace of love; that kind eyes full of love. Do you hear that? Gardeners appreciate cheering reveal that sentence true love silk correction advice through a true love; the sound of sweet laughter spilled love; blooming love burst into thunderous applause.

True love's children are indispensable to the spiritual life of sunlight, air and water. Parents and friends, let us join hands, with our coming out to create a truly educational environment, let us love that permeates every inch of space of child development, may all the love in my life get in spiritual growth and body healthy!

Anton: Please tell us about your company's development situation and development direction or goal?

Interviewee: already in preparation for the listing.


Anton: Can you tell us is your company's service? What is its competitive advantage in the market?

Interviewee: Pre-school education

Anton: What is the company official Web site? Please tell us where on the Internet we can find more information about your company.

Interviewee: www.hq178.com

Anton: If someone wants to know more about you and your company how can they contact you?

Interviewee: Shuangxi Road, Nanhu district, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province China Bridge International Education Group, 1363th.


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