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Wang Lijian (Golden Harvest Academy). Pen drawing, painting and calligraphy

Anton | 07 Dec 14:30
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Wang Lijian President

Golden Harvest Academy


Anton: Can you please tell us your name?

Interviewee: Wang Lijian

Anton: What is the name of your company?

Interviewee: Golden Harvest Academy


Anton: What is your position in the company?

Interviewee: President

Anton: About how many employees are there in your company?

Interviewee: 300

Anton: In which city is your company located? What is the address?

Interviewee: Jiaxing City. Ziyang high street 191 - Semi-detached house-room 201

Anton: In what year was the company founded? Can you speak about its history?

Interviewee: on November 9, 2014, the company was founded at an calligraphy and painting exhibition


Recently, in the impression works in oil painting exhibition, Nanhu district, "Lake boat", "xiucheng bridge" and other paintings stand out, their authors are new residents from Zhejiang xianju junye Wang lijian. "Art, calligraphy is my childhood hobby, arts and crafts factory in xianju I was responsible for the graphic design of the workshop Director. And his wife a few comments, after discussions, settled at jiaxing Ziyang Street, opened a specialized in painting and calligraphy, embroidery, framed art gallery. ”

Wang lijian have been like calligraphy and painting. Jiaxing venture, though poor, but he has not given up hobbies, opened a small gallery, sold pictures of relatives and friends creation. During the day, he will be riding a tricycle carrying paintings into the community to sell, "everyone likes my calligraphy and painting, many people become regulars. "Gradually, Wang lijian small gallery of visibility.

The by to the paintings of his dedication, love of life and art firm, "grass roots" culture of new residents came to the artist?



Anton: Can you talk about why you have chosen your career path?

Interviewee: Wang lijian, was born in September 1965, Hans, Taizhou city, Zhejiang Province who now Ziyang Street 191th operating galleries. Art title: Chinese painting and calligraphy Association, jiaxing city artists Association, Member of the jiaxing Association, Nanhu district, jiaxing city artists Association, Nanhu district, jiaxing city people's political Consultative Conference Member poetry, calligraphy and painting Association.

Nanhu district in 2010 as the second "top ten entrepreneurial new residents", 2009--2010, jiaxing city excellent new residents, South Lake District Federation of literary and art circles and the first Congress of representatives, paintings of the two trees in jiaxing published archives history and records, the mountains of Chen Yun "eternal glory" Chinese elderly art exhibition Excellence Award.


Jiaxing artists Association

• Member of the jiaxing Association

• Nanhu district, jiaxing city artists Association

• Nanhu district, jiaxing City Committee of poetry, calligraphy and painting Association membership

• South Lake District in 2010 was named the second "top ten business

New residents "

• 2009--2010, jiaxing city excellent new residents

• Lake District Federation of literary and art circles and the first

Congress representative

• Painting of the two trees in jiaxing published archives history and records

• The mountain morning rhyme won the "eternal glory" Chinese elderly

Art exhibition Excellence Award


Anton: Please tell us about your painting career and development situation or goals?

Interviewee: I don't care in the cracks of the cliffs or whether in the barren land or ... ... As long as there is a seed, it will not choose the terrain and braved the heat, grows everywhere and grow up ... ... Wind cannot blow it down, flooded don't it, cold freezing doesn't kill it, arid and drought does not break it...... "this is Tao Zhu in the pine trees of pine trees in the style of description. Wang lijian Ziyang Gallery, the first thing is that one of the two trees

Talking about how to combine practicality and artistry of the works, Wang lijian said: "Zhu Qiao teacher was my benefactor. "A few years ago, he knew the jiaxing city, Federation Secretary General Zhu Qiao. Zhu Qiao wrote the novel at the national award, Chinese calligraphy and painting in the eyes of Wang lijian was first class, "I often took his new new painting works, door to ask for advice, Zhu Qiao teacher carefully, patiently reviews for my paintings, and correct me. ”

Anton: Can you tell use about your paintings? What is the difference of your paintings to other painters?

Interviewee: Jiaxing is a rich, people mellow place. In 1995, Wang lijian jiaxing, with the affection, longing for the jiaxing, came the right time and place. Hong chuan jiaxing South Lake's iconic scene, has always been his dream. In order to draw South Lake boat, he went to South Lake collection, research took a lot of photos, thinking about the structure and tone of the work. "When I drew out of Nanhu red boat works, first Deputy to Zhu Qiao some masters, such as instructions, said they have to ' processed '. "He said I was wondering, what makes teachers feel lacking.



Wang lijian Nanhu district, was named the second "top ten entrepreneurial new residents." He said: "it is an affirmation to me. Every beginning to jiaxing out-of-towners will encounter various difficulties, but as long as we persist, there will be a harvest. "Now, Wang lijian toward his dream, is planning his own personal exhibition. Solo exhibitions have always been his dream, he told reporters: "this exhibition of paintings, sketches, pen-drawing, painting, calligraphy and other aspects of the work.


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