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Jordi Wang (Afición Chocolate Village). An Amazing and Wonderful Chocolate Village

Anton | 23 Oct 20:25
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Jordi Wang Sales Manager

Smile Chocolate Village


Anton Tscherne: Today we are interviewing the sales manger at a popular tourist spot near Jiashan China.

This Chocolate Village is just 1 hour drive from Shanghai.

Thank you for meeting us today in this beautiful and modern Chocolate factory. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Could you tell us when this beautiful Chocolate Village was opened?

Jordi Wang: The Smile Chocolate Village was opened October 1, 2014.


Anton Tscherne: Could you tell us the total area size of the Smile Chocolate Village?

Jordi Wang: 340 MU


Anton Tscherne: About how many workers are there in the Chocolate Village?

Jordi Wang: Approximately 300 employees

Anton Tscherne: Could you tell me the history of the Smile Chocolate Village. This is an original and exciting idea for China. Who has this great idea to start a Chocolate Village?

Jordi Wang: The son of the owner studied in Boston (USA) and he came up with this idea of a chocolate village

Anton Tscherne: Could you tell us the meaning of the name Afición?


Jordi Wang: Afición comes from the Latin, meaning "love".

Because of the love of chocolate, we thoroughly tempered;

Find out the best formula for cocoa;

But because of the love of life, we have a genuine and sincere desire,

With the most touching and sweet taste.

Anton Tscherne: Could you briefly tell us about the buildings and services that you have in the Smile Chocolate Village

Jordi Wang : The buildings in the Smile Chocolate Village include:

a. Afición Chocolate Power Station

b. Afición Chocolate City Hall

c. Afición Convention Center

d..Afición Wedding Manor

e. Coco Forest

Anton Tscherne: You have a very modern Chocolate production line here for the visitors to see. It is the cleanest production line that I have seen in China. Can you describe it to us?


Jordi Wang: The production line for the Chocolate is 156 meters long. The equipments are from Switzerland.

We have a viewing area for the tourist so they can see this magnificent production line. The floors in the viewing area are polished and clean.

On the walls there is educational information explaining the production of Chocolate. It is very educational and interesting for people of all ages.


Anton Tscherne: Can you describe the decoration and food in the Chinese food hall?

Jordi Wang : As you can see the food hall is very modern and clean. It also has a high ceiling and numerous Chinese dishes to eat.

Anton Tscherne: Could you explain the Coco forest?


Jordi Wang: The Coco forest is an area where we display the pictures and information about the Coco plant which is used to make chocolate. We show all of the areas in the world where the coca is grown. There are even samples of the different coca bean for the visitors to see.

Anton Tscherne: Could you please tell us about the Chocolate Garden on the 2nd floor. I believe you also have a European Chocolate expert on the 2nd floor. What does he do?

Jordi Wang : Yes. He is very talented. He shows our guests how chocolate is made. He gives the visitors a very personal view about chocolate.


Anton Tscherne: What are some of the advantages of the Smile Chocolate Village?

Jordi Wang: Firstly, we use pure coca ingredients which are the best quality in the world.

Also, we sell in the Chocolate village all the chocolate that we make, so you don’t have to go anywhere else to buy it. This means we can sell directly to the consumers. Lastly, our wedding ceremony and banquets are special and unique.


Anton Tscherne: My favorite part of the village was the chocolate fountains and I tried the White chocolate and dark chocolate. So delicious.

Jordi Wang: Yes. There really are so many different varieties of Chocolate and they all taste a little different.


Anton Tscherne: I also saw a very large and beautiful Chocolate store on the first floor. I have never seen so much chocolate in one room. Could you please tell me what brand of chocolate that you sell?

Jordi Wang: We have the license for the trade mark from Switzerland called “AFICION” which means True Love.

Anton Tscherne: Could you tell us about the wedding ceremony place?

Jordi Wang: The wedding ceremony place is a place where you can order Chocolate for your wedding. There is also a beautiful banquet hall and a photography service to take photos of your wedding. This service has become very popular.

Anton Tscherne: How does the Smile Chocolate Village do its marketing in China?

Jordi Wang: We do marketing in three ways:

a. ecommerce

b. Wholesalers

c. C-C


Anton Tscherne: As I was walking to the different buildings in the village I noticed how friendly and professional the staff is.

Jordi Wang: Yes. This is a place for families and tourists from all over China and the world to relax and have an experience that they will always remember. It is like a fantasy dream for young and old.

Anton Tscherne: Thank you for the insightful tour and explaining the wonders of the Smile Chocolate Village.


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