Written Interview

Huang Wentao (Yucong Inspiration Education Technology Limited). Our inspiration is unique

Anton Tscherne | 10 Nov 14:55
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Huang Wentao Chairman

Yucong Inspiration Education Technology Limited


Anton Tscherne: Could you please tell us your name?

Interviewee: Huang Wentao

Anton Tscherne: What is the company name?

Interviewee: Yucong Inspiration Education Technology Limited

Anton Tscherne: What is your position in the company?

Interviewee: Chairman


Anton Tscherne: In which city is the company is located in?

Interviewee: Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Anton Tscherne: In which year was the company founded?

Interviewee: 2013

Anton Tscherne: Approximately how many employees are there in your company?

Interviewee: 10

Anton Tscherne: can you talk about why you now cause?

Interviewee: too much pressure on kids to learn now, Yu Cong inspiration we can give children an efficient learning method learning method for children to have a happy childhood, and raise a child, happy family Chinese dream is our mission.


Anton Tscherne: Please tell us about your company's development situation and direction?

Interviewee: we are currently training agencies to serve the students, over the next three years we intend to establish their own private schools better and more comprehensive service to our students.

Anton Tscherne: regardingyour company's product or service and what kind of advantage over the competition?

Interviewee: our inspiration learning method is unique.

Anton Tscherne: Do you have a company Web site? Can you tell our Web site?

Interviewee: www.ycjy.com


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