Albert Wang (Bewellcn Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd). Focus and innovation on energy and gas solutions

Anton | 05 Jun 16:40
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Albert Wang Operation Director

Bewellcn Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd


Anton Tscherne: Could you please tell us your name?

Interviewee: Albert Wang

Anton Tscherne: What is your company name?

Interviewee: Bewellcn Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd

Anton Tscherne: What position do you hold in the company?

Interviewee: Operation Director


Anton Tscherne: How many employees do you have in the company?

Interviewee: Engineering Center: 20 Persons, Workshop: 500+ Persons

Anton Tscherne: Which city are you in? What is the address of the company?

Interviewee: Shanghai

Anton Tscherne: Which year was the company set up?

Interviewee: 2006



Anton Tscherne: Can you talk about why you are in the business now?

Interviewee: I have been in the Energy & Industrial Gas field for 17+ years already (4 years in the company CNPC and 10years in WorleyParsons).

Bewellcn Products includes storage tanks (Tank, Handy Tank, Dewar), Transportation equipment (ISO Tank container, Ship tank, Trailer and Truck), refilling station and terminal in skid solutions.

Bewellcn provides innovation solutions for users based on different jobsite conditions. We finish and do testing at the workshop before shipment to reduce weld & installation work at jobsite and also reduce risk. Bewellcn provides Green, Sustainable Solutions in the energy & industrial gas field based on international engineering & project procedures and systems.



Anton Tscherne: Please tell us your company's development status and direction?

Interviewee: Bewellcn has got good market in USA and Europe based on innovation solution in energy & industrial gas field, very high market in countries that has rich oil and nature gas (such as Qater, UAE, Saudi Arabia and so on).

Bewellcn is developing new smart products based on cooperation and experience with international and local oil service companies.

Anton Tscherne: What are the advantages of your company's products or services compared to competitors?


1. In key market, assign local partner for continuous service for project monitor, communication, clarification and hand over to meet client requirement.

2. We are maximizing the use of skid technology to reduce jobsite installation work.

3. Bewellcn focus on the innovation in energy& industrial gas solutions, most products are customized according to user requirements, we do not homogenize the product.

4. In order to ensure product quality, Bewellcn select international famous inspection companies (Lloyd, BV, SGS) for product inspection & certificate.


Anton Tscherne: Does the company have an official website? Can you tell us the website?

Interviewee: www.bewellcn.com


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