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Zhu Zhiyi (Wo Culture Communication Co., Ltd). Speech is the best survival skill in future life

Anton | 06 Mar 13:36
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Zhu Zhiyi Speech Tutor

Wo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


Anton Tscherne: Could you please tell us your name?

Interviewee: Zhu Zhiyi

Anton Tscherne: What is the name of the company you work for?

Interviewee: Wo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Anton Tscherne: What position do you hold in the company?

Interviewee: Speech Tutor

Anton Tscherne: How many employees are there in the company?

Interviewee: 113



Anton Tscherne: Which city is the company located in? What is the address of the company?

Interviewee Suzhou-Wuzhong District Wood reading Ling Tin No. 589, September 18, 2013

Anton Tscherne: Which year was the company set up? Is there anything worth saying about the development process?

Interviewee: In the United States, Saipan and some parts of the country to carry out NLP language and heroic Miracle Tour courses. effective. You want to be easy to read and understand.

Anyone who makes any decision is thought-determined, the thought is the inner language, the language is the external thought, so the language is the only key to open the heart, that is, when you understand the mysteries of language, you have the power to change people's thoughts. If you don't have legs, you can convince others to carry ... As long as mastery of the universal language decoder


If your answer is yes, then the next letter will be the most precious gift you'll receive in this life ...

I'm sure you've heard the words before--do things first. Maybe you've been doing things all these years.


Anton Tscherne: Talk about why you're in the business now, what is your story?

Interviewee: Let the world have no difficult parents, let the world have no hard to do mentor. Let the world have no difficult person!

Speech is the best survival skill in future life.

Anton Tscherne: Please tell us your company's development status and development direction or goal?

Interviewee: The company's development is in the rising period, showing an explosion of development. At present, China's demand for speeches and eloquence is particularly high, thus developing a series of courses, "universal language" and "Pin password". Do you find many migrant workers who work hard, though they are very hard-working, but not rich or even destitute?

Do you find a lot of good people, even though they are well behaved, but not successful or even calculated?

Do you find that some people, despite their own not doing anything, but everyone for his use, the ultimate cause of success?

Bang, on the administering is not as good as Zhang Liang, on the Xiao, on the Army of war is not as good as Han Xin, but Zhang Liang, Xiao, Han Xin for his use, finally Liu Bang ascended the throne!

In the War of Resistance, many generals died on the battlefield. After liberation, many commissars but when the official-visible, do business Gan engage in ideological work.

Chairman Mao did not move a gun, with ideas to unify the whole of China.

At the same time, you will find that many bosses are eager to learn various modes and technologies: finance, investment, business model, management, team building, corporate culture ... Internet + and so on, learned a circle, back to find--don't learn!

What resources do you need? Who has the resources? You just have to take care of this man.

Small Li Knife, only one trick—

Anton Tscherne: What is your company's main product or service? What competitive advantage does it have in the market?

Interviewee: By signing NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming, public speaking: a series of languages, eloquence lectures, to help each person to link the reality and the source of the universe. Better to be a man than to persuade people!

Why doesn't your client pay? Because you didn't convince him!

Why are your employees not obedient? Because you didn't convince him!

Why is your spouse not obedient? Because you didn't convince him!

Why is your child not obedient? Because you didn't convince him!

Why is your friend not obedient? Because you didn't convince him!

Why is your enemy not obedient? Because you didn't convince him!

Your troubles, your stress, your frustration, your failure ... All the misfortunes that happen to you are because you have not persuaded each other!


No matter what you have learned before, the most you should learn is how to persuade people!

No matter what you are busy with now, you should let go and learn how to convince people!

Whatever you wish to achieve in the future, you should first learn how to persuade people!

Do you know?

Anyone who makes any decision is thought-making. The thought is the internal language, the language is the external thought, the text is the language which falls on the paper, therefore the language is opens the human heart only the key, namely, when you understand the language the mystery, you have the power which changes people's thought.

You can have no legs, but you can convince people to go behind your back ... Even if you can let anyone listen to your advice, just master the universal language of the human decoder ...


From the Maya to the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, the universal language is only used secretly by a few elites ... From ancient missionaries to kings, from movie stars with billions of fans, to advertisers who sold their products frantically, even CIA agents were secretive ... Unfortunately, most of the ordinary people have been kept in the dark and ignorant of it (including you)!

Why should I teach you a universal language?

What are the benefits of learning a universal language?

Let me give you one by one ways.

Despite every important occasion, presenters and entrepreneurs always introduce me

The early management of enterprises is the Chinese NLP industry, the rare entrepreneur transition mentor, with rich practical management experience. In the past NLP coaching career, we have followed the master of NLP at home and abroad.

Zhu Zhiyi, a proud student of the world's top NLP Master Robert Durz (Robert Dilts), is recognized as one of the most contributing people to Chinese NLP today.

Anton Tscherne: Does the company have an official website? Please tell us the Web site or more about the way your company is on the Internet.

Interviewee: www.dhnlp.com


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