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Sunny Tang (Jiaxing Oubo Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd), European designed bathroom products

Anton Tscherne | 23 Sep 14:42
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Sunny Tang General Manager

Jiaxing Oubo Sanitary Wares Co.,ltd)


Anton Tscherne: Please tell us, how to call you?

Interviewee: Sunny Tang

Anton Tscherne: What Is the name of your company?

Interviewee: European Park, Jiaxing City Sanitary Wares (Jiaxing Oubo Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd)


Anton Tscherne: What is your position in the company?

Interviewee: General Manager

Anton Tscherne: About how many employees work in the company?

Interviewee: 20 people

Anton Tscherne: Which city is your company located in? What is the address of the company?

Interviewee: Good home, Nanhu district, jiaxing city, F2-605

Anton Tscherne: In what year was your company founded? Can you tell us something about its history?

Interviewee: Founded in 2011, after many detours and bitter in the development, but now better, thanks for always supporting our customers and friends

Anton Tscherne: Could you tell us why you do what you do and what story?

Interviewee: Because when entering the workforce, engaging in foreign trade this piece of work, and later exposed to sanitary products, until now, has more than 10 years, the product has a professional understanding and knowledge.


Anton Tscherne: Please tell us about your company's development situation and development direction or goal?

Interviewee: Supporting science and technology quality development goals: to improve brand impact, cost-effective bathroom products.

Company's European Bernie bathroom in the industry have set up a good brand image, products have been exported to all over the country and many countries around the world.

Company has the kind of sophisticated production equipment and technical personnel, has developed and designed new product strength, create support reasonable, comfortable fashion bathroom. products made from quality natural eco-friendly materials, careful manufacture, strive for perfection.

Implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, strict quality control to achieve large-scale production to meet green requirements to meet customer requirements.


Anton Tscherne: What is your company's product or service? What is a competitive advantage in the market?

Interviewee: Our company mainly produces Acrylic bathtub, wooden and PVC bathroom Cabinet bathroom products. Competitive advantage: high prices and short delivery of customized drawings and samples available on request

Anton Tscherne: Does your company have a design team?

Interviewee: Bernie has a strong research and development team in Europe, aiming to make the bath become an enjoyment and fun. Elegant, noble, fashionable, Bernie is Europe product development has always been adhering to the personalities and tastes. She humanized design, attention to detail and innovative spirit, creating a luxurious bath life for millions of families in the world.

Ou Baini design has a strong sense of modern art, classic and luxury and fashion trends, and practical. Encounter in a product, an amazing combo, and Bernie's undisputed in Europe stands in the tide of China's sanitary culture.


Bernie products in Europe are using sophisticated new plates, with superior stamina and eco-friendly features, echoes the theme of modern environmentally friendly. Bernie brand in Europe has been elegant, noble and stylish personality and taste.

Anton Tscherne: Company official Web site? Please tell our Web site or on the Internet know more about your company.

Interviewee: ouboweiyu.1688.com


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